Thursday, February 11, 2010

I ♥ Sequins, Fringe, Marabou, and Hearts

Not only do I tear things out of magazines, and create paper files, I also scan images and create web files.
Last year, after selling off most of my cherished Vogue collection of the past 30 years, I spent hours scanning the pages of  fashion layouts, advertisements , and articles that I had earmarked decades ago.
Throughout this process, I noticed that as much as things change, they do remain the same. My style has of course, evolved over the years, but my taste has remained constant.
I tend to have a rather magpie aesthetic, and have always been drawn to rich brocades, velvets, embroidery, and, I must admit, anything sparkly.  But my MAJOR LOVE has always been Hearts!!!!!
I love what hearts represent of course, but I also admire the  heart's sensual shape. I cannot resist any piece of clothing  or accessory with a heart print or theme. I especially adore jewelry with hearts, and I still lust after these pieces that were  featured in Vogue and Town and Country in 1992 and 1982.

I would not mind adding the following pieces to my collection:

This gorgeous necklace:
 Town and Country November 1982

these pins/pendants:
     Vogue February 1992

these earrings:
Vogue September 1992

these necklaces and bracelets:
Vogue February 1992

       I wonder if any of these items are still available?

Okay, I am doing it............

My New Year's resolution this year (and last year, and the year before that, come to think of it), was to  start a blog to share with, and perhaps annoy (although I hope not!), readers with my musings about fashion, interior design, my Ebay obsession, my major web shopping habit, and just about anything that inspires me.
My friends, family, significant other, etc.,  have been urging me for ages to write all my thoughts and observations down in a blog. This has been suggested, no doubt,  in the hopes that I may cease to bring along, wherever I go, one of my endless files of tear sheets from magazines and newspapers. Said files usually contain articles that I think may interest them, and photos of  furniture, clothing, recipes, etc., that I believe will pique their interest .
I think, however, this practice may tire them out.... so, in other words, they have urged me to share the wealth:)

Here goes.........