Thursday, February 11, 2010

I ♥ Sequins, Fringe, Marabou, and Hearts

Not only do I tear things out of magazines, and create paper files, I also scan images and create web files.
Last year, after selling off most of my cherished Vogue collection of the past 30 years, I spent hours scanning the pages of  fashion layouts, advertisements , and articles that I had earmarked decades ago.
Throughout this process, I noticed that as much as things change, they do remain the same. My style has of course, evolved over the years, but my taste has remained constant.
I tend to have a rather magpie aesthetic, and have always been drawn to rich brocades, velvets, embroidery, and, I must admit, anything sparkly.  But my MAJOR LOVE has always been Hearts!!!!!
I love what hearts represent of course, but I also admire the  heart's sensual shape. I cannot resist any piece of clothing  or accessory with a heart print or theme. I especially adore jewelry with hearts, and I still lust after these pieces that were  featured in Vogue and Town and Country in 1992 and 1982.

I would not mind adding the following pieces to my collection:

This gorgeous necklace:
 Town and Country November 1982

these pins/pendants:
     Vogue February 1992

these earrings:
Vogue September 1992

these necklaces and bracelets:
Vogue February 1992

       I wonder if any of these items are still available?

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